CashWare Advisor

CashWare Advisor MenuCashWare Advisor provides an enterprise dashboard to monitor and manage a customer cash handling network. It is a browser-based application hosted on a customer server and provides any authorized users to have access to the monitoring console.

Advisor has lenses that provide a view to device cash position, transaction activity and device health. These metrics can be viewed summarized or by region, branch or individual cash recyclers or cash dispensers.

Interactive queries can be performed to drill down to specific details for the date range specified and the devices to be included in the query. Reports are also available to provide detailed cash positions and utilization by denomination, device, time of day and other pertinent information used in branch cash management. This useful information can be exported in Excel format to be imported into customer cash management systems.

The transaction detail can provide transaction data for device utilization and also show details of specific transactions that include the note mix for any cash-in/cash-out or any vault transactions.

The device health feature provides a visual status of all the included devices to identify any devices not in use due to hardware problems or other reasons. Help Desk tickets can be initiated through Advisor when hardware problems are detected by CashWare and Advisor.

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CashWare Advisor