CashWare® represents the next generation cash recycler middleware and can be implemented into teller or kiosk software using several different methods. Today, the new breed of cash recyclers have extended features beyond cash deposits and cash withdrawals. With external displays, flexibility in routing and retrieving notes to/from alternate cassettes, escrow features, vault management features, auditing features and support for more than two concurrent tellers, the software to take advantage of these features has become more sophisticated and the methods vary by manufacturer. This new technology of recyclers requires a new generation of software capable of supporting these features in a variety of workstation computing environments. CashWare is uniquely positioned as the solution for the future. It’s designed and developed using the most current application development technology and does not any dependencies on any proprietary hardware. CashWare is an enterprise cash automation platform solution that supports Windows® or browser based operating systems.

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Direct Integration


CashWare API options include direct integration (headless or prompted) and soft Integration the CashWare Connect product. Development efforts for direct integrations can be minimal using any of our API methods that include ActiveX DLL, .Net, SOAP, or TCP/IP Sockets.  A comprehensive function command set is available that does not require any expertise in cash handler operation. If your application has special requirements, Benchmark is receptive to providing a custom API and interface. If you already have support for cash handlers, Benchmark can also provide an interface that conforms to your existing program calls to minimize your application changes to take advantage of CashWare capabilities and device support.

Soft Integration 


The soft integration option does not require any application program changes to interface to a teller application. CashWare technology does NOT use any older screen scraping methods. The detection and triggering logic in CashWare uses sophisticated methods that are reliable, accurate, consistent and resilient to any changes in user computer display settings or updates in system and application programs.

Stand Alone 


CashWare can be implemented in a stand-alone setting where tellers can “hot key” to invoke the cash recycler or dispenser to satisfy deposit, withdrawal or vault management requests. This approach does not require any integration or interfacing to a teller application and allows access to the cash handling device even when the teller application is not available. CashWare direct and soft integration options fallback to this stand-alone mode if the teller application fails and the branch still needs access to cash. In this mode, CashWare also maintains an electronic journal of all transactions by user and all standard reporting and logging are available.

Computing Environment


In addition to a modern software architecture, IT staff embraces CashWare for its ability to support rich client desktops, thin clients and virtual desktop workstation environments using varying directory structures and security inherent of those infrastructures. In addition, security is bolstered and user management is simplified by a robust Active Directory engine within CashWare to support a variety of implementations. This wouldn’t be possible without Benchmark’s in-house expertise in the latest server and desktop operating systems.