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Driving Demand for Cash Recyclers

Branch transformation projects, teller efficiency, security and a favorable customer experience are driving the demand for cash recyclers. CashWare is a software solution that is highly functional, supported by major teller applications and a favorite among tellers. It is desired by IT staff for its infrastructure flexibility and integration to Active Directory structures. Depending on the selected integration method, IT staff and developers often aren’t required to do anything to implement CashWare.

Favorable Customer Experience

Advanced Security

Branch Transformation Projects

Teller Efficency 

Cash Management Advantages

CashWare can be a catalyst and differentiator in the decision process for cash automation proposals. CashWare adds value, increases the solution ROI and reduces the TCO. CashWare is more than a middleware product; it is a teller’s companion and offers enterprise cash management advantages.

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Benchmark offers turnkey installation, training and support for our software to relieve manufacturers from software support responsibility allowing you to focus on hardware. In partnering with Benchmark, a seamless best of breed solution can be provided. Benchmark provides CashWare presentations on behalf of manufacturers too using either web-based sessions or at our customer showroom. Manufacturers are eligible for reseller or referral programs.

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