Cash drawer management, also referred to as cash box or till management, is a critical component to any retailer. Having the proper procedures, controls and audits in place safeguards a business from fraud and losses while also helping provide reliable daily cash planning. POS systems do an excellent job in posting sales, payments and cash-in/out details at the transaction level – few also provide cash settlement for each store. CashWare extends the functionality of POS solutions with cash reconciliation functionality.

Retial - CashWare

Features That Matter

The CashWare™ family of products include support for cash automation technology to reduce human handling of cash and coin enabling efficient and accurate beginning-of-day to end-of-day cash reconciliation.

All cash is counted and tested for counterfeit notes, then stored in a vault for the next business day. No cash can be dispensed without the proper authority and a transaction log is provided. The next business day, the specified beginning balance can be dispensed for each cash box/till all while recording the daily beginning balance. 

CashWare provides reporting to settle cash for each drawer and provides reporting for the entire store settlement. This enabling technology works with a variety of cash handling products for currency and coin.

Easy Integration

CashWare middleware makes it easy to integrate cash recycling technology with your existing systems. By using our CashWare business logic and user interface, the process of integration is weeks and not months. Retailers and POS developers are welcome to contact us for additional information on extending your capabilities.