We provide services for every step of your cash automation journey. From helping with the decision of which recycler to use to making sure you receive ongoing support, Benchmark is there for you.

Advisory Assistance

Tethered to over 30 years of branch banking experience and as a developer of branch automation software, Benchmark has valuable experience in banking as well as a thorough understanding of the capabilities of all the cash recyclers and dispensers supported by CashWare. In addition, by developing interfaces for the major teller applications, we are keenly aware of transaction workflows and best practices in related cash handling and balancing procedures.

Our cash handler subject matter experts can be called upon to assist financial institutions in making informed decisions in selecting the best hardware solutions to meet their needs regardless of being behind the teller line, in the lobby or in kiosk devices. In addition, we can design a software solution that will efficiently support the selected hardware and optimize its capabilities throughout the branch.

There are many new devices to choose from today, with more being announced. We can offer assistance to present the best options based on your needs.

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Conversion Planning

You may be acquiring new branches or an entire institution that currently uses cash recyclers or dispensers. Those devices may be different from those you already have installed. Benchmark can outline a migration strategy for those devices and provide tellers with training on new devices.

If you are converting to a new teller application, existing CashWare customers will only be required to change the teller interface component and operationally. CashWare will operate the same. In some cases, non-CashWare users will have the opportunity to implement CashWare to manage all cash handler interactions with a common, easy to use, intuitive application.


Installation Services

Are you challenged to do more with fewer people? Benchmark provides turnkey installation services to manage the delivery, staging and installation of cash handling hardware as well as the implementation of our software and training branch staff on its use and your end-of-day balancing procedures. This service is available regardless of the hardware manufacturer and the vendor who provides it to you.


Benchmark has a Project Management group and a proprietary software product called ProTrac used to manage customer deployment projects. Whether an acquisition, a refresh of a teller application, or the implementation of new cash recyclers or dispensers, Benchmark can provide the skills to offload your staff from needing to be consumed with the details of these projects.


Benchmark also has a Technology Management Services business unit capable of providing warehousing, configuration, imaging, logistics and installations throughout an entire branch network. Benchmark also manages recycling of assets, hard drive destruction and re-deployment of assets. With access to over 10,000 technicians, we can provide the resources to manage and install any project. Ask about our references.

Project Management


Software Development

Benchmark has developed several custom application solutions for banks using kiosks to dispense cash and other unique needs. Benchmark is receptive to develop cash automation applications for any industry. The process generally starts with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to keep your information confidential, followed by a discovery call with our staff to understand your requirements and then a statement of work developed by Benchmark to define your needs in writing and after its review, a quote is generated.



Benchmark training on the use of our software also includes operational training on the cash recycler or dispenser you’ve selected. In addition, we train your users on best practices and your balancing procedures for the cash handling devices. Our training goes beyond machine operation, and we include training on handling exceptions, machine jams and errors and vault administration. Benchmark can also customize a program for onsite training or via web presentation to support any acquisitions, new installations or new teller applications.