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Banks and Credit Union - CashWare

Banks, credit unions and check cashing centers have been using teller cash recyclers (TCRs) and teller cash dispensers (TCDs) along with coin dispensers for decades. There’s been a renaissance in this technology as branches turn to these cash handling devices to improve speed in transaction processing, increase security and implement better cash management controls. CashWare is part of a cash management product line to give banks and credit union, regardless of size, the level of flexibility and controls they desire to get the highest possible return from their cash recycler/dispenser investment and to help manage their branch cash inventory. 


To realize some of the many differences between CashWare and other products, invest the time to see a product web demonstration or visit our Cash Recycler Showcase in Alpharetta, GA.

Impactful Features

While CashWare performs the basic functions of automatically invoking the cash recycler or cash dispenser only for eligible transactions and performs cash-in/cash-out requests, its features and functionality reach far beyond those boundaries. The level of reporting, audit controls, error recovery, vault functions, connectivity options, user management features and ease of implementation and support are rich in scope.

Banks and Credit Union - CashWare
Key Differences

CashWare is not just “middleware” software used to support cash handling devices. Key differentiators with CashWare when compared to other products are the number of intelligent edits we perform to ensure the transaction and teller balance and the amount of support provided with CashWare.​

Banks and Credit Union - CashWare

The number of intelligent edits we perform to ensure the transaction and teller balance.​​​​​​


The banking experience of our developers becomes evident in the options we provide to guide the teller through successful completion of the transaction and keeping totals in balance. CashWare is more than just middleware; CashWare is a teller’s companion ensuring best practice options are observed​​

Clearly, the greatest differentiator between CashWare and any other product is the level of support provided by our team.​​​​


​No teller is ever abandoned when they have a problem. Regardless of whether CashWare was purchased from a core provider, manufacturer, reseller or directly from Benchmark, we will always take a support call and assist a teller, even if the problem may not be software related. As a “teller’s companion,” we stand by our users and want to be sure they have “peace of mind” and balance and understand how to properly operate their equipment regardless of where it was purchased. This level of support cannot be attained when software products are developed outside the USA or the developers do not understand bank operations.

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